Something I have been wanting to re-visit for quite a while, is some reflections on one of the projects I did during my time at the Game Development course, in […]

There is this good old saying that states that “time flies when you are having fun”. It is indeed true, no questions there – except that much of the explanation […]

Some 90 days ago, I posted my previous post here. Some 90 days ago, I also started working seriously on my Bachelor’s project in Computer Science – which seemed to […]

Now that the second iteration of Blizzard’s Creative Writing Contest has finally subdued, it’s time I revealed my piece. I didn’t win this time either, but that’s not stopping me. […]

Or simply “yeah, I kinda expected that”. I did actually plan to see if I could iron out the last few details of Thunderstruck during this previous week, and see […]

With Blizzard’s Writing Contest of the year coming to an end soon, I figured it might be time to take a look and figure out a submission for this year. […]

To no further surprise, I won’t have Thunderstruck ready for this expansion, seeing as it would only serve for “that long”, before I’d have to re-iterate all of it, to […]

Whenever I get a new idea for my story-project (Fate), the thought about when I should start writing the actual story comes to mind. When will I have enough “content” […]

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the updates of any of my Elemental Shaman-project for World of Warcraft; the PHP-based damage calculator Thunderstruck (heck, even posting anything WoW […]

Surprise, surprise – flying is utterly boring after all. Eating, drinking and browsing through the entertainment system has helped so far, but for now I’m left with listening to music […]