i, thunderstruck

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the updates of any of my Elemental Shaman-project for World of Warcraft; the PHP-based damage calculator Thunderstruck (heck, even posting anything WoW related, in fact). While I’ve been in Mexico, I had some time to get some ideas written down, some pseudo-code written both in the real thing, and with pen and paper.

So far, I can tell this much: I’m continuing to re-doing it, which on the bad side is making it take ages until even a viewable result will come out, but will make it work a lot better when coming to figuring out priority-casts, how the overall damage done is affected by triggering Heroism/Bloodlust, as well as skills like Elemental Mastery, and how they’ll work out will set-bonuses like the upcoming Tier 10 one that removes a second off the cooldown every time a Lightning Bolt is cast.

Besides that, the major reason for pretty much starting over the last time, was because I wanted stat-weighting values, because honestly – who cares how high your current potential DPS is, if you can’t figure out what to go for to improve it even further?

Anyway, this is basically just meant for a post to ensure that while it might seem like I work incredibly slow, it’s just not on top of my priority list. That doesn’t mean I have abandoned it, or even considering it – it’s too exciting to work with, and will hopefully be useful for more people than myself, when it’s eventually done.

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