But no, I won’t actually rewrite “Earth Song”, but still throw in the first verse, as it fits pretty good by itself: What about sunrise What about rain What about […]

Finally time for the first real post, as I’ve currently been in Guadalajara for 4 days. I thought it would be better to do “slightly bigger” posts, instead of the […]

As the beta of WotLK is slowly progressing, the talents of every class is taking shape, and looks more and more complete. Recently, the Elemental ones got a good overhaul, […]

Friday. One day remaining till the mystery is solved, but we can’t possibly be further from the truth than now. Atleast, we have the following clues now: The Valenzetti Equation […]

Finally, it had to happen. As much as I like thunder and lightning, it havn’t exactly happened much in the previous months – until today. The rain is pouring down […]

Gnubigena, sounds strange, doesn’t it? I figured I’d give an explanation of my odd in-game name, as I’m sure lots of different people have a story behind their names as […]

After my Sunfresh-flipout yesterday, a friend of mine randomly threw this godlike YouTube-video after me. I died laughing. And well, I figured I had to share the fun with others. […]

And thus, it began. I could’ve started out grand by actually having a general point of this blog, but at the current time, it really isn’t the case. I felt […]