Welcome to my Virtual Meadows!

This page is meant to be my hideout, primarily showcasing what I – Emil Erik Hansen – have done throughout the years, as well as being the destination of the thoughts that pass through my mind every now and then. I am constantly updating the page, mostly with the focus of polishing the portfolio, which is now intended to be the primary part of the site, since the transition from my old site back in March 2012. There is most likely still some hidden gold throughout the various blog-posts that can only be found there, but most of (show-case worthy) material should be able to be found at the portfolio. Eventually, I will probably need to make this front-page more fancy too, now that I actually have one, instead of directing the attention towards the blog.

If you find anything that seems odd, out of the ordinary or simply missing (both actually missing, and what you think should be here), do not hesitate to poke me on one of the methods written at the me-page. Otherwise, feel free to maneuver around the site using the top-menu, and be sure to read the latest posts from the blog, listed below!

Enjoy your stay!

Yours gnuely,
Emil aka. Gnub