With Blizzard’s Writing Contest of the year coming to an end soon, I figured it might be time to take a look and figure out a submission for this year.

Last time, I stayed within the familiarity of the Warcraft Universe, with the story “A Change of Ways“. The advantages was that it has a rich lore, with tons and tons of details and places, and the more obvious thing that it’s the universe I’ve spend the most time in, so far. But, what’s a competition without a challenge?

With that in mind, only two real universes remained: Diablo and Starcraft. Being more a fan of dark fantasy than science fiction – although I do like both – and knowing something about Diablo, I chose the realm of Sanctuary. The lore is less detailed, and lots of stuff is still clouded in mystery, which makes a lot of nice openings for a good story.

So far, I’ve gotten a plot shaped, and slowly iterating through it and adding details, fleshing out characters and figuring out what part they’ll have. The main thing I want to do, is tying the various games together, and make further connections, as one of the things I’ve been having on my mind lately is just that. Looking forward to seeing how the story will turn out. This time, I shouldn’t have a problem with with time running out – I hope.

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