Much has happened with the Diablo-franchise over past few months, and I have been postponing to write about it too much. At first, I figured I would be fine until […]

Just to refresh, the previous part in this installment covered sealing up what had directly happened during Diablo III, with a primary focus on demons, the Black Soulstone and Adria. […]

It’s been quite a while since I’ve touched the subject of Sanctuary – the world of the Diablo franchise (actually, it’s been a while I’ve written anything at all, but […]

Now that the second iteration of Blizzard’s Creative Writing Contest has finally subdued, it’s time I revealed my piece. I didn’t win this time either, but that’s not stopping me. […]

With Blizzard’s Writing Contest of the year coming to an end soon, I figured it might be time to take a look and figure out a submission for this year. […]

If not, this is probably one of the biggest reasons (besides seeing the actual event), that I’d really wanted to have been to the Blizzard WorldWide Invitational. As with every […]

That previous line, in another form, should bring many memories to whoever played the original Diablo, and I found it fitting to what I’m about to write. The reasoning shouldn’t […]