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As 2014 has started, and I have not posted anything at all so far this year, I present to you… a mildly interesting picture from my previous Jetpack Joyride. The […]

Yeah, I know the previous post was posted under 48 hours ago, but at this point I needed to make quick progress and get a version of the game ready […]

Moving fast forward from the previous post on User Experience and Prototyping, all the feedback from the Cultural Probe and other sources had been analysed, and I had gotten quite […]

For this week, the theme is paper prototypes, and as a bonus exercise we had to construct a playable one for a 5 minute digital game we had envisioned ourselves. […]

Every so often, you come across different things that works together in a wonderful unison. Synergy. For me, one of these moments have been happening over the last 6 months, […]

Today at ITU, the lectures was about “Gamification” got an interesting challenge, which can – in short – be described as short as in 7 words, as follows: Gamify a […]

Now that the first half a year of my time studying Game Design is over, I found it would be a good time to look back on the experience so […]

As my World of Warcraft guild just recently killed the heroic raid-boss Magmaw (which is basically just a giant worm made out of fire and magma), I decided to do […]

Recently, I have (once again) taken a great liking in fiddling about in old DOS games. Why? Short version: because they’re awesome. Long version: because they’re very awesome. No, honestly, […]

Some 90 days ago, I posted my previous post here. Some 90 days ago, I also started working seriously on my Bachelor’s project in Computer Science – which seemed to […]