First things first: Oaxaca is great! Quite small city (or at least the center of town seems very compact), and quite different atmosphere than the much much larger Guadalajara, as […]

As “promised”, yet another retro-active post. This one is slightly more than the part 0-ones, as I have no idea if this will be online a few days late (internet […]

First things first: While it may be a given, I’ve come to loathe mosquitoes even more these last days. It would seem that in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, […]

While many of us are without doubt sad that Arnold isn’t appearing in Terminator 4, or the fact that he hasn’t been in a movie since 2003, he never ceases […]

During the summer, I published the rules for the unofficial Arnold-drinking game. And, with such games as these, they naturally have to be played. So, last weekend, a couple of […]

Sometimes while randomly searching around the internet nets (har har) some interesting results. For instance, I was looking about if there was a new movie coming with Arnold Schwarzenegger soon […]

Sometimes, ideas for good drinking games are just too effective for the players’ own good. The “Arnold Drinking Game” is one of them. It’s not quite as rule-“heavy” as Beer […]

Before starting out this subject, I had to translate the course-name that all of the following was discussed in, which lead to the sort of spam-like name “Theory of the […]

The first time people started noticing, was when the second Harry Potter-movie was released, and every new release there-after. I was, at that time, working in a supermarket, whereas a […]

…or just “Iron Man”. You choose. Just got back home after watching this movie at the premiere. I must say, I was impressed. It had it all to make it […]