thunderstruck postponed

Or simply “yeah, I kinda expected that”. I did actually plan to see if I could iron out the last few details of Thunderstruck during this previous week, and see how it all held together. Seems it looked okay for the most thing, but something was indeed rather off, and I couldn’t quite put a finger on what was causing the error.

For instance… in one of the simulations (lasting 10 minutes each), over 500 Flame Shocks was fired, along with only 50 Lightning Bolts. Everyone should know that something is phenomenally wrong there. On top of that, Flame Shock seemed to add up to over 200.000 DPS. Hardly realistic.

On the flip-side, the other casts seemed to work out pretty well, and had their total values match my earlier alpha-version pretty well. The difference from that was that it didn’t do an actual simulation, but did a single cast of each of the different spells, and weighted them after how many of each I had done in a previous long single-target turret-fight. Problem is that that method made it impossible to correctly figure out how much various parameters meant (like the Tier 10-4 bonus – which might also be the one causing a lot of problems in the current version).

Lastly, it seems 4.0.1 is going to hit live very soon, which will make this version outdated already, as all the new statistic-changes are going live, along with new spell-numbers, talents and all that.

So long story short, I will officially have been postponing Thunderstruck for a whole expansion-pack. Or, well, it was at least that long ago that I started working on it. It’s not going to be impossible either, that’s quite certain.

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