Now that the second iteration of Blizzard’s Creative Writing Contest has finally subdued, it’s time I revealed my piece. I didn’t win this time either, but that’s not stopping me. No reason to give up just because of that – I still think I’ve achieved something, and have evolved as a writer.

For those of you that doesn’t know, I decided to challenge myself in the world of Sanctuary – the Diablo universe, and it did indeed prove to be a great choice. It was a splendid challenge, and the result is – in my own personal opinion – quite great as well.

After the defeat of Diablo beneath Tristram, Etophir – a paladin of Westmarch – travels east to find out more about the order of paladins, that seemed to have been turned to fight his kingdom. As his journey out-folds, he’s given a whole new view on what corruption can really do.

So, why wait? Read it right here, in PDF-format.

As last time, I’d love to get some feedback, and hear what you think of it – it’s my only payment from writing it, after all. As a result of that, I also updated my Fanfiction subpage, to better reflect the new work.


  1. I love you Gnub!!!!! (DarkOpeth from Wowhead) <3.

    Also, please update "faces of wowhead" I recently added my pic, it can be found on page 276 of the "Post your IRL pics thread."


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