It has to be a sort of a Rite of Passage for most people who spend a lot of time daily in front of a computer. You have a cup […]

I really couldn’t find a better title, because really – irony just sneaked up from its dark corner, ambushed me, kicked me swiftly in the nuts and stomped on me […]

In Denmark, some things are quite different from the rest of the world. I could go into politics and rant about that, but, to keep in spirit of LDST, I […]

After being convinced that I should jump off the bandwagon of World of Warcraft, and trying out Age of Conan, I joined a few of my real-life friends with signing […]

…or just “Iron Man”. You choose. Just got back home after watching this movie at the premiere. I must say, I was impressed. It had it all to make it […]

During the last few months, I’ve noticed a tendency. For some reason, whenever I’m going to take the train/bus/metro it arrives just when I need it to be there. Way […]