After getting a well-deserved mental-poke about slacking on the page, along with a suggestion of using Twitter (amongst others) again, I added the funky FriendFeed to the right, which contains […]

…or just: hello world, mark 3. Thing is, today is the 29th of April! The date itself isn’t a holiday, but significant stuff probably happened during the past years. I’m […]

… because I couldn’t come up with a remotely funny, insightful or otherwise clever title. Anyway, I’ve noticed that a very large part of the visitors here are looking at […]

Actually, not that shiny really, but I rearranged the categories on the site, deleted a few, merged some others… and something more like that. Besides that, I added a nifty […]

Just wanted to update some updates, or whatever you might call it: I’m alive. Yes, it’s one of those times again where I havn’t really got much to write about. […]

It’s been a while since I updated anything on the blog, so I thought this might be the time. There are a few things. – I changed around a few […]

It’s getting into quite a almost daily routine for me to fine-tune different parts of the site, and this time, the other pages of the site have been written: about […]

Small post to notify that I changed a small bit of categories around a bit, and made some small changes to the layout of the archive-pages. The waiting-category was a […]

hello world! again. As you can see, is now currently working as it should. However, it’s still ugly, lacks design, and so on. At some point, I expect there […]

Very simple actually. I’ve bought the domain, and intend to redo the blog there in WordPress, once I get some more time and a place to host the stuff […]