is the time write?

Whenever I get a new idea for my story-project (Fate), the thought about when I should start writing the actual story comes to mind. When will I have enough “content” to really start the project, without getting to a point where I can’t get any further (that isn’t the actual end of the story)?

So far, I have quite a few things set in stone. The main setting is done, with various details about environment and descriptions of where different points in the “world” is according to each other. The background story is done, which sets a pretty good “general mood” for a story to be told. I have found a protagonist, an antagonist and “that third person”, and so far given them some very basic features in terms of background, personalities and aims in the storyline. I have defined various “laws”, in terms of magic/technology, and explanations of how and why they’re functioning as they are and how they fit into it all. Furthermore, I have even sketched down how the story starts out for each of the three characters described before, and how they’ll end up interacting with each other.

So far, it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Probably way more detailed that some writers have it when they start a story. However, that is a matter of how you prefer to work. I, as you might have guessed, like to plan before I start, and not having to make too big decisions halfway through. In case that happens, I would have to go back and change various things. And while revising is good, it’s not really the same thing.

Why do I write then? While it may sound cryptic, it’s not to write. I could most likely have started writing it ages ago, but that would mean the result – in my eyes – wouldn’t have been as good as it could be. And why settle with a compromise, when you can do it properly?

Maybe, I’m just scared that the project I spend so much time on doesn’t end up being good. Maybe, I simply like the research and plotting part too much compared to the actual writing process. Maybe – which I think is the most overshadowing fact of these three at the moment – I’m a bit too much of a perfectionist to attempt starting without knowing for certain that I’d have the proper amount of time to finish (or get close to there), without getting “disturbed” by a longer process of something else, be that studies, work or something third.

No matter what, there’s no chance that I’ll abandon it. At all.

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