Not too long ago, I took part in a small side-course, with the subject of “Interactive Screenplay-writing”. One of the many little exercises we went through, was the one I […]

Now that the second iteration of Blizzard’s Creative Writing Contest has finally subdued, it’s time I revealed my piece. I didn’t win this time either, but that’s not stopping me. […]

With Blizzard’s Writing Contest of the year coming to an end soon, I figured it might be time to take a look and figure out a submission for this year. […]

Whenever I get a new idea for my story-project (Fate), the thought about when I should start writing the actual story comes to mind. When will I have enough “content” […]

While the saying goes “Misfortunes never come singly”, the same thing luckily applies to other things as well. When coming up with ideas for various different things – being ways […]

Surprise, surprise – flying is utterly boring after all. Eating, drinking and browsing through the entertainment system has helped so far, but for now I’m left with listening to music […]

Not too long ago, after finding out that I seemingly wasn’t allowed to “publish” my work for the Blizzard Global Writing Contest, the news were updated to reflect that it […]

Around a month ago, I decided to enter Blizzard’s Writing Contest, with the hope of … well, except winning it, also honing my writing skills and actually drop myself a […]

Not exactly news, but simply information about the fact that I’m going to join the contest, and do a fan fiction piece for the Blizzard Writing Contest. Sounds pretty cool. […]

As it’s finally starting to look like I’m going to have more spare-time in the near future (yeah, I’ll try to do more frequent updates soon – but hey, it […]