Not too long ago, after finding out that I seemingly wasn’t allowed to “publish” my work for the Blizzard Global Writing Contest, the news were updated to reflect that it […]

Around a month ago, I decided to enter Blizzard’s Writing Contest, with the hope of … well, except winning it, also honing my writing skills and actually drop myself a […]

Not exactly news, but simply information about the fact that I’m going to join the contest, and do a fan fiction piece for the Blizzard Writing Contest. Sounds pretty cool. […]

Actually, not that shiny really, but I rearranged the categories on the site, deleted a few, merged some others… and something more like that. Besides that, I added a nifty […]

It’s been a while since I updated anything on the blog, so I thought this might be the time. There are a few things. – I changed around a few […]

As it’s finally starting to look like I’m going to have more spare-time in the near future (yeah, I’ll try to do more frequent updates soon – but hey, it […]

Different people have different ways of getting inspiration for going creative work. Some people listen to music, some people take a trip to the nature, some people free-write, and some […]

Recently, a good friend of mine reminded me of some work I did back in the days where Gothic was a brand new game, quite some years ago. The “work” […]