Something I have been wanting to re-visit for quite a while, is some reflections on one of the projects I did during my time at the Game Development course, in […]

Not too long ago, I took part in a small side-course, with the subject of “Interactive Screenplay-writing”. One of the many little exercises we went through, was the one I […]

Yeah, I know the previous post was posted under 48 hours ago, but at this point I needed to make quick progress and get a version of the game ready […]

For this round of looking at “User Experience and Prototyping”, it is finally time to delve a bit into the development process of going digital. So far, I am currently […]

Moving fast forward from the previous post on User Experience and Prototyping, all the feedback from the Cultural Probe and other sources had been analysed, and I had gotten quite […]

I have neglected posting User Experience posts a bit too much lately, and as such the pace will pick up significantly over the next period of time. I know that […]

For this week in User Experience and Prototyping, we once again got a dedicated subject: Write about a possible digital prototyping path you might take for your project. In other […]

Yet another week, yet another User Experience post. The subject is, once again, of our own choice, which makes it a fitting time to delve a bit more into the […]

No cards or magic included, sorry. Jokes aside, this week of course-related blogging does not have a designated goal, which means that I am completely free to write anything I […]

For this week, the theme is paper prototypes, and as a bonus exercise we had to construct a playable one for a 5 minute digital game we had envisioned ourselves. […]