To no further surprise, I won’t have Thunderstruck ready for this expansion, seeing as it would only serve for “that long”, before I’d have to re-iterate all of it, to […]

As the Cataclysm client has become leaked from the newly started Alpha, the data-miners have started their work, revealing not only lots and lots of screenshots, but also some of […]

Pretty much since World of Warcraft’s third expansion – Cataclysm – was released, it’s not uncommon to come across a forum post or the like that includes people that has […]

Around a month ago, I decided to enter Blizzard’s Writing Contest, with the hope of … well, except winning it, also honing my writing skills and actually drop myself a […]

In Denmark, some things are quite different from the rest of the world. I could go into politics and rant about that, but, to keep in spirit of LDST, I […]

Finally! One of the things I always look forward to at any Blizzard release is the cinematics that goes with it. Hints from different sources said that the Wrath of […]

I can’t get my arms down. This is simply going to be so extremely awesome! Diablo 3 confirmed. Material found at the official site. I’m off looking now atleast, that’s […]

Seeing as the Wrath of the Lich King Alpha has started – although only for family and friends of Blizzard – the various corners of the internet has been spammed […]

So, Funcom finally decided that it was time to let the Early Access-people start their downloads of the massive almost 14GB game. All that’s left now is simply.. waiting. And […]