get to da choppa!

Sometimes, ideas for good drinking games are just too effective for the players’ own good. The “Arnold Drinking Game” is one of them. It’s not quite as rule-“heavy” as Beer Croquet, but simply a “drink whenever…”-type of game.

So, for the second time ever, some friends and myself sat down and started watching Arnold movies (with the intention of drinking, that is), and tried to remember the rules we made the previous time, only this time, we wrote them down (warning: my ugly danish handwriting), translated as follows:

Drink whenever:

  1. Arnold says “HU-ARRRHHEEH”, or variations thereof.
  2. Arnold (or anyone else) kills someone (double, if it’s a shotgun).
  3. There is a reference to another movie.
  4. Arnold meets/sees/whatever his “twin” (that means clones too).
  5. Arnold has violent (discussable) pain. PHYSICALLY!
  6. Someone (double if it’s Arnold) says/yells “get down!” or a variation thereof.
  7. There’s an explosion.
  8. There’s a carchase.
  9. Arnold changes weapon (Unarmed included).
  10. You quote Arnold.
  11. Arnold is first seen in a given movie.

Empty the bottle/glass whenever:

  1. Arnold yells “GET TO DA CHOPPA!”
  2. THE bad guy dies.
  3. Arnold dies.

Obviously, some of these rules have some good synergies or nasty side-effects, depending how you decide to look at it. §1.1 and §1.5 often happens at the same time, for instance. Also, §1.3 was made because of Last Actionhero.

Furthermore, you can add local variables to deaths, when looking at clone-movies like 6th Day. Naturally, you drink when someone dies. But what if they die again? Drink 2. Again? 3, and so on. Combine that with §2.2 (trust me, with that movie, you’ll regret it), and there’s a good chance of getting drunk. Also, word of advice when drinking on deaths. Be careful with Total Recall, it hurts. Alot.


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