incredible love

Sometimes while randomly searching around the internet nets (har har) some interesting results.

For instance, I was looking about if there was a new movie coming with Arnold Schwarzenegger soon again – and there is. Very soon actually, but it doesn’t seem like anything you’d expect Arnold to be in.

Incredible Love – the first Bollywood-movie to be made in Hollywood, and got some other starts on the cast as well, like Sylvester Stallone amongst others.

One thing is certain, I’ll be trying to get a hold of it, once it gets out later this year. Keeping Arnold’s last movie-appearance – Prince Hapi in Around the World in 80 Days – it could end up being quite hilarious. Hoping.


  1. Omg omg omg!

    I am so keeping myself up to date with this blog! :D

    However, I am gonna a bit sceptical towards the information, even if the source is :-)
    But if it becomes reality, i'm sure it's gonna end in my arnold collection.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Also, is it prefered that i reply to the blog in english or is it to my own liking?

    – Skov-Per


  2. I try to keep everything in English, so everyone can read the content – and the replies :)

    Looking forward too it as well, but we'll see… might end up being something worthwhile. If not, then surely funny.


  3. Note to self: choose better post titles in the future.

    Spambotfriendly post is not friendly.


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