luck, mark 2

…or just “Iron Man”. You choose.

Just got back home after watching this movie at the premiere. I must say, I was impressed. It had it all to make it a really enjoyable evening. Lots of nostalgia to the time when I was a child (that is, when my physical age matched), tons of one-liners, humor, explosions (important!).. I could keep going. If you liked the animated series back then, it’s surely a must. Only thing that was missing, was the suitcase, really.

Now, about the title. I, once again, practically walked right into the bus. If I hadn’t made that one, I could’ve stood and waited for atleast 25 more minutes. I wonder if I dare hope for more tomorrow. Time will tell, I guess.

Oh, and I would love if the weather would get back to not raining again.

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