get down again!

During the summer, I published the rules for the unofficial Arnold-drinking game. And, with such games as these, they naturally have to be played.

So, last weekend, a couple of friends and I sat down to watch some good movies, and enjoy some good beer. The result was that the rules had to be revised a bit, and some details should be added, as there were some bending of the rules (both good and bad) as the evening crept forward. As of such, the new rules are the following, where additions, removals or changes are marked with strikethrough and italic. I added another category that happens in every movie, at the top, so it is not overlooked.

For every movie, drink when:

  1. Arnold is first seen, at the start of the movie (previously §1.11).
  2. The title of the movie is seen, (bonus: …or said).

Drink whenever:

  1. Arnold says “HU-ARRRHHEEH”, or variations thereof.
  2. Arnold (or anyone else) kills someone human (double, if it’s with a shotgun). In honor of “Total Recall.
  3. There is a reference to another movie. In honor of “Last Actionhero.
  4. Arnold meets/sees/whatever his “twin” (that means clones too). In honor of “6th Day.
  5. Arnold has violent (discussable) pain. PHYSICALLY!
  6. Someone (double, if it’s Arnold) says/yells “get down!” or a variation thereof.
  7. There’s an explosion.
  8. There’s a car chase.
  9. Arnold changes weapon (unarmed included). It doesn’t count as “unarmed” if it’s from one weapon to another.
  10. You quote Arnold.
  11. Arnold is making breakfast in a blender.
  12. A fence is mentioned.

Empty the bottle/glass whenever:

  1. Arnold yells “GET TO DA CHOPPA!”
  2. The bad guy dies (again, In honor of “6th Day).
  3. Arnold dies.

The reasoning for removing the “You quote Arnold”-rule, was simply because it added a really unreasonable element to the game, and – as the hours passes – tends to get really cruel, thus ruining the social element of trying to emitate §2.1 the best.


  1. vi bliver nød til at udnytte disse nye regler hurtigst muligt!


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