i can’t wait

Around a month ago, I decided to enter Blizzard’s Writing Contest, with the hope of … well, except winning it, also honing my writing skills and actually drop myself a deadline to follow. I succeeded in getting to a result I thought was good, and submitted it, awaiting the outcome… and finally, a few days ago, an official update was out.

The first Blizzard Entertainment global creative writing contest ended on April 12, but that’s not the end of these epic tales. After over fifteen-hundred entries and millions of carefully chosen words, it’s now in the hands of the judges.
Look for an announcement with our chosen grand prize winner and runners-up on Friday, May 22. Good luck to all of the entrants!


Let’s hope for the best, I’m very excited at least. Mostly because I expected way more than “over 1.500” submissions, but also by the sheer fact that the chance of me winning is bitter than the lottery – and since I trust my so-called talent, the chances should be even better.

I’ll probably go as far as to post my story here, once the announcement has been made, whatever the result. We’ll see.


  1. Remember:

    “Please do not do this as it is against the legal terms that were agreed to when the story was submitted. We will follow up on this with more details at a future time.”


  2. Ah. No rush then, I see.

    Always thought that rule was just for the winners, so Blizzard had the rights… but well, let's hope that develops into something that.. erh, allows be to post it :)


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