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As it’s finally starting to look like I’m going to have more spare-time in the near future (yeah, I’ll try to do more frequent updates soon – but hey, it IS “holidays” after all), I decided to find some nice books, to help me fuel my newly reborn passion of writing.

Using my secret inspiration source, I got the following books to read: “How to write Science Fiction & Fantasy” and “Creating unforgetable characters”. While the titles might sound a bit dull, they’re actually quite interesting – at least for me.

I think I soon need some kind of local wiki-tool to keep track of the background story, lore, and such. Shouldn’t be that hard to find, I guess. Would at least be much easier than keeping track of different text-files.

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  1. TiddlyWiki – seems like a nice tool. Started using that this evening.

    About the work; ideas keep rolling in. Yay for that.


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