Gnubigena, sounds strange, doesn’t it? I figured I’d give an explanation of my odd in-game name, as I’m sure lots of different people have a story behind their names as […]

The first time people started noticing, was when the second Harry Potter-movie was released, and every new release there-after. I was, at that time, working in a supermarket, whereas a […]

And so, the sun mercilessly continued to burn the innocent humans on the planet Earth, while our heroes ventured towards the wild animals… Yeah, we (me and my girlfriend) made […]

Actually, it was more like close to 10, but that would ruin the semi-pun of the title. Had my first day at work at Build-A-Bear Workshop today, and like expected, […]

During the last few months, I’ve noticed a tendency. For some reason, whenever I’m going to take the train/bus/metro it arrives just when I need it to be there. Way […]

And thus, it began. I could’ve started out grand by actually having a general point of this blog, but at the current time, it really isn’t the case. I felt […]