roasted gnu

And so, the sun mercilessly continued to burn the innocent humans on the planet Earth, while our heroes ventured towards the wild animals…

Yeah, we (me and my girlfriend) made it to the zoo. Alive on top of that. But my, it was indeed hot, and it looked like quite a few of the animals shared the thought.. except, ironically enough, the polar bears, who splashed around in the water. Can’t blame them, it looked really nice, down in the nice cold water.. yum..

Anyway, besides looking at lots and lots of animals. By that I mean every single animal who wasn’t on summervacation, stuffed away, dead or replaced by a man in a green jumpsuit. Got quite a few nice pictures, and we even caught a hilarious lol-worthy picture, with my girlfriend’s mobile. Wonder if it’ll make it to the frontpage eventually? Time will tell.

The best part – according to me – was the two real time gnus though! Extremely fun to look at, and I’ll probably never forget the silly way they ran around in their area. Besides those, we got to see… 25 other type of animals, that I’ve already forgotten most of. Birds, wolves, rhinos, hippos, monkeys, salamanders, butterflies, tigers, parrots, lions, lemurs, Tasmanian devils, cows, snakes.. uh, ok, can’t remember more.

After almost 5 hours in the park, it was time to go home.. but, as we passed by the metro-station I recalled the need for juice, and had to get another 2 Sunfresh. Yum. Ah yes, and to finish of the day, The Maelstrom’s Fury dropped. Gnubigena was happy, and so was the roasted gnu behind the keyboard. Because roasted, that’s what I am. And I know that I’ll have to wear shorts tomorrow.

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