built a bear

Actually, it was more like close to 10, but that would ruin the semi-pun of the title.

Had my first day at work at Build-A-Bear Workshop today, and like expected, I found it extremely likeable and fun. Atmosphere, awesome. Bringing smiles to everyone, awesome. Being paid for having a great time, awesome. You get the idea.

I realized quickly that it’s far from just kids that come to the workshop too, filled quite a few bears for some over 25, and an amazingly large number of outlanders too. The most fun part is that, even though it shouldn’t be expected that they’d play along – they did. Everyone. It often resulted in both myself and them laughing, but that’s to be expected. The reason that the whole concept got to be such a great success is far from beyond my understanding anymore. What could feel better than bringing joy to other people, without having to tell them that they won the first price in the lottery? Atleast I can, by this short post, conclude that it’s a place I’m surely going to stay and enjoy working in for lots of time to come.

Now, all that remains is my plan to get a gnu-bear in the works. If there’s already a pony, a turtle, a triceratops (!) and even a elk… surely a gnu can’t come in bad? I know Disney’s “Lion King” ruined it all by making them the bad guys (or well, somehow, “Don’t blame the messenger”-style). The fun thing is that I actually – around a year ago – did in fact send in suggestion to the management of Build-A-Bear Workshop (Denmark, that is), although it seemingly didn’t have much success. Maybe the odds have grown now that I’m on the inside, time will tell.

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