During the last few months, I’ve noticed a tendency. For some reason, whenever I’m going to take the train/bus/metro it arrives just when I need it to be there. Way too often (ok, I won’t complain, but it’s getting silly), I’ve walked right in, or only having to wait 2 minutes tops. For some strange reason, some people find it rather annoying to hear about, or just traveling with me, because I usually comment it.

Fortunately, there’s other stuff luck affects. Unfortunately, that doesn’t affect me. Always getting just the drop of that Raid-boss you need? No. Winning the lottery? No (might have something to do with me not gambling). Being that person that wins every competition he signs for? No.

… and getting hit by Lightning? No. Twice? No. Although I doubt most people would call it luck to be struck by lightning, I still wonder how it feels like. I mean, some people have survived it after all.

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