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Around a month ago, I decided to enter Blizzard’s Writing Contest, with the hope of … well, except winning it, also honing my writing skills and actually drop myself a […]

A few days ago, I saw the “newest” episode of Scrubs (season 8, episode 15), and it reminded me of something. See, I’ve promised my girlfriend that I’d write about […]

…or just: hello world, mark 3. Thing is, today is the 29th of April! The date itself isn’t a holiday, but significant stuff probably happened during the past years. I’m […]

… because I couldn’t come up with a remotely funny, insightful or otherwise clever title. Anyway, I’ve noticed that a very large part of the visitors here are looking at […]

It’s in periods like these, where irony shows its ugly face. The period in this matter, is exams. As usual, that takes a lot of reading, with your face deep […]

While oranges are indeed a rather nice fruit, and pretty too, this isn’t going to be the subject of this post, but rather the orange color of the orange. See, […]

Just wanted to update some updates, or whatever you might call it: I’m alive. Yes, it’s one of those times again where I havn’t really got much to write about. […]

This saturday, I was at a Halloween-party, and – logically – I had to choose a costume. And, seeing that people still thinks I look like a certain someone, I […]

After making a critical error this morning when leaving for university (read: forgetting the power supply for your laptop at home), I eventually decided that it was time to get […]