First things first: While it may be a given, I’ve come to loathe mosquitoes even more these last days. It would seem that in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, […]

Finally time for the first real post, as I’ve currently been in Guadalajara for 4 days. I thought it would be better to do “slightly bigger” posts, instead of the […]

Surprise, surprise – flying is utterly boring after all. Eating, drinking and browsing through the entertainment system has helped so far, but for now I’m left with listening to music […]

Retroactive posts are always fun, especially when I know that this text, upon getting online, was written around 3 days ago originally. In order to stay true to that, I’ve […]

I really couldn’t find a better title, because really – irony just sneaked up from its dark corner, ambushed me, kicked me swiftly in the nuts and stomped on me […]

No, don’t worry – I’m happy. It was just more simple to do a shorthand for “rage” than “happy”, in this context. Believe me, I tried. It’s just impossible getting […]

Today, the “big course” of this semester started, which for me is “General Rhetorics”. The first reaction from most is probably most likely “What on Earth would you take that […]

After getting a well-deserved mental-poke about slacking on the page, along with a suggestion of using Twitter (amongst others) again, I added the funky FriendFeed to the right, which contains […]

I’m sure most of you have tried having an irregular sleeping cycle, by setting a default of sleeping between 6AM and 1PM, or something similar. A very popular and frequently […]