Just wanted to update some updates, or whatever you might call it:

I’m alive. Yes, it’s one of those times again where I havn’t really got much to write about. I still have something in mind that I’m going to write about though, WoW-related for now. It should be rather good at least, as it should be some theorizing about the story, some lore, and some other stuff. Should be fairly interesting.

On the general WoW-front, I’ve cleared the current 25man PvE-content, and took the pleasure of being the PR (no, not Power Ranger) of my guild. So far, I’ve done three posts, which can be read here, if you feel like it. I’m also looking forward to the impressive – and, may I add, much needed – elemental shaman buffs. I won’t go into specific details as to what these exactly are, but I’m really looking forward to it.

WordPress is updated to 2.7. [insert much rejoicing here]. Really nifty upgrade this time, I must admit. It’s actually a change you can see by making a brand new dashboard interface. Very nice to work with. At some point, perhaps I should upgrade my theme as well (I tried, and lost all my changes – ugh! no good! – reverted it). Might try and merge-fix it within the week soon™.

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