a sort of merge

After getting a well-deserved mental-poke about slacking on the page, along with a suggestion of using Twitter (amongst others) again, I added the funky FriendFeed to the right, which contains … well, basically a lot. What I comment on with Disqus, think via Twitter (and thus – to a certain degree – Facebook), waste my time on at YouTube, and post here. Let’s hope I won’t go nuts and get lost in all the different ways I can publish stuff now!

Since I was fixing up the site, I decided to make a Fanfiction-subsection under Projects, mostly because I wanted my actual first piece of fiction to be visible, instead of just being a single post, which would eventually go to the deep archives.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m about to put on my clever-hat and once again attempt to beat the god-forsaken subject of “Algorithms & Datastructures” – it has won too many times… So the title actually isn’t that unrelated after all.


  1. gl, hf :)

    I'll gladly set aside a day to listen to you ramble about algorithms :)

    Btw, I can recommend TweetDeck as a twitter-app :)


  2. Cheers, would probably love to take you up on the offer, we'll see when it gets closer. :)

    Also, TweetDeck is quite awesome indeed :D


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