Yum, cocoa. A fine creation brought to us in many ways, in many different forms. Solid as chocolate, liquid as cocoa – great in both hot and cold forms. Over […]

So, Funcom finally decided that it was time to let the Early Access-people start their downloads of the massive almost 14GB game. All that’s left now is simply.. waiting. And […]

Comparing talents to real life features to gaming is normally quite an easy feat. Obviously, level can refer to age, talents to .. yeah, whatever you’re good at, and the […]

Currently sitting at DIKU, working with some RSS-feeds from different blogs, for dikutal. Stupidly enough, blogspot (this here fancy works with “atoms”, which results in the drupal-system we’re using […]

That would atleast be what happened, if it was this hot at Icecrown Glacier. The reason I started out with something this random was – besides trying to make sense […]

After my Sunfresh-flipout yesterday, a friend of mine randomly threw this godlike YouTube-video after me. I died laughing. And well, I figured I had to share the fun with others. […]

And so, the sun mercilessly continued to burn the innocent humans on the planet Earth, while our heroes ventured towards the wild animals… Yeah, we (me and my girlfriend) made […]

When having some time to waste on a beautiful day like this, I thought I’d break the normal IF (thirsty) THEN drink(Coca Cola) rhythm by picking a juice called Sunfresh. […]

After being convinced that I should jump off the bandwagon of World of Warcraft, and trying out Age of Conan, I joined a few of my real-life friends with signing […]

Actually, it was more like close to 10, but that would ruin the semi-pun of the title. Had my first day at work at Build-A-Bear Workshop today, and like expected, […]