elixir of powerthirst

After my Sunfresh-flipout yesterday, a friend of mine randomly threw this godlike YouTube-video after me. I died laughing. And well, I figured I had to share the fun with others.

Oh yeah, and it contained lightning too, which made me smile (although unnoticeable, as I was already roaring with laughter). A small part of me wondered how insane Powerthirst would be, if it was implemented as a Potion (Elemental Shamans only, duh). Although I would have to compare the cons and pros. So, let’s draw out some of the keywords, and have a look at them.

No, see the movie first. Do it, and do it now.

– Shockolate
. Frost Shockolate, ofcourse, as it has to be crunchy. Everyone knows that Flame Shockolate would only be drinkable, along with whipped cream. Earth Shockolate would simply have to be picked up, to obey the “5 second rule”. That’s no problem though, as all shocks have a 6 second cooldown. Shockolate is thus a pro.
– An Electrical Storm
. Yes, I want an Area of Effect-attack. Now! Surely a pro.
– Real Lightning. Oh, it’ll convert it to real life? Neat! Another pro for sure.
– Sports. Unrelated, move on. First con, took its time.
– Menergy. I don’t need to drink to be cool and/or look more manly. The second con.
– Turbopuns
. Oh, this one I can relate to, as I love puns. Not too long ago I also got in love with Spell Haste, so Pun Haste would be lovely! Biggest pro so far.
– Science
. Nothing like an opportunity to relate a hobby to serious studying at the university. Automatic pro.
– Energy legs
(all the time). Increased run speed? Nice, I could surely use that when that strange thing called “overaggroing” happens, and [insert big bad monster of doom from hell] runs at me. Frost Shock(olate) usually isn’t enough to cover just that, so this is very welcome. Pro!
– 400 babies
. Ouch, that’s going to be problematic. Imagine the amount of gold I’d have to invest to keep the little creeps alive. Eek! Not good for the economy, and surely not good when raiding (“Could you summon me in a minute? #73 needs diaper-changing.”). No, no and no. Major con. And yes, I kept in mind that they’d be able to be abnormally fast, as Kenyans, and that probably would solve my economy at a later time. I tend to not look too far ahead.

So, to sum up, we have 6 pros and 3 cons. Ofcourse you could argue that the last point is actually 400 cons, making it fairly easy to decide. I think I’ll just stick to the occasional mana potion.

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