cage of conan

After being convinced that I should jump off the bandwagon of World of Warcraft, and trying out Age of Conan, I joined a few of my real-life friends with signing up for the Preorder. So far so good, and time passed. Now, today, I recieved the e-mail with my preorder key, that let me create my account! …ofcourse, that happened 30 minutes after the 3 (only) people in a radius of 1 meter around me. Guess all my luck was spend on public transportation, instead of timing.

The point I’m aiming for is atleast.. Once I get that blasted access to downloading the game (13+ GB), will it catch me? I’m pretty much expecting to atleast play it for some time during the end of the spring, at during the summer. Will it be a cage – like a true MMORPG should be – or just one of those titles I play for some time? Well, time will tell. One thing I’m certain of atleast, is that it’s going to be quite some enjoyable hours I’ll get to spend with it, as it looks pretty fun.

… On top of that, I hope my computer can run the game, otherwise I’ll have to save up for new computer too – auch.

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