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(EDIT 5/3-09: Added a rather major point I forgot at the end, concerting Twilight’s Hammer.)

Not too long after I post my previous theorizing on the whole Ulduar, Old Gods and Deathwing-connections, the 3.1.0 PTR opened up for good, and Ulduar testing was begun. As it has been going on for some time, I feel it should be time for me to post my – perhaps – final thoughts on the subject, before I’m either proven wrong by the game-content or proven right before I posted the last parts of my theories. Both would be sad. If you havn’t read any of it, refer to “dragons and old gods” and “from twilight till dawn“, in that order.

What we do know for certain however, is that Yogg’Saron will be the final boss in Ulduar. The fight has been datamined, and all kinds of stuff, so it’s quite certain that we won’t see Deathwing there. Still, there hasn’t been anything about the seemingly new “Wyrmrest”-content, as I mentioned in the post. That remains to be seen. Could be nothing, but why should I believe in that, of everyone…?

Anyway, my focus this time is a somehow new look at Deathwing’s role. It should be known to most that he got corrupted by the Old Gods around 10.000 years ago, at the time of the first Burning Legion invasion, leading to the creation of the Demon Soul, and so forth. Now, it’s unknown what specific Old God (or if it was merely one) corrupted Deathwing, but it’s not a far-stretch to assume that this all started at the Chamber of Aspects… in Northrend. Curious.

Why did Deathwing choose Grim Batol to let that be his “new main base”, when thinking of Sartharia, the origin of the Twilight Dragonflight, and all that? There’s correctly enough some past in the place with Alexstrasza being imprisoned by the use of the Demon Soul, but one this is being overlooked. What initially turned the whole place so evil, that it made the Wildhammer Dwarves fled, after they defeated the remaining Dark Irons? The evil taint was seemingly caused by the death of Modgud, without further explanation other than she cursed the place. It gets slightly interesting as we draw in the fact that she was the wife of Thaurissan, who not long after summoned Ragnaros into the world. Him being an elemental lieutenant of the Old Gods, it’s safe to make the connection that the magic the Dark Irons in general wielded was based off that power, and the seemingly extreme curse placed upon Grim Batol to be of the Old Gods.

To change the subject a bit, it’s worth it to point out that both Deathwing and Loken speaks of a new world being born (“Azeroth shall be reborn in darkness!”). Loken although, speaks of it as being the creation of his master, while Deathwing does not. This leads me to believe that Deathwing’s corruption is not only a corruption, but a complete possession, making him think that the thoughts are his own, while they in reality aren’t. He even uses this very trick on Sintharia, letting her believe that the Twilight Dragonflight was her creation and idea, where it was Deathwing all along. The intensity of the corruption is even more plausible, given by the fact that he is the Aspect of the Earth and Matter, wherein all Old Gods are buried and/or kept prisoners.

As a last word, remember all the similarities seen in and around Ulduar to Deathwing’s work. Race-experiments – check. Fondness of dragons and dwarfs – check (Armor-reinfoced Proto-Drakes in Ulduar.. Curious, once again). General armoring of selves by the use of the most extreme metals known – check. Plots of a new dark Azeroth, soon to be reborn – check.

Oh yeah… and then there’s a fact that I’ve overlooked from the beginning. The Old God worshipers have a cult called… Twilight’s Hammer. Strange “coincidence”, yet again – check.

Deathwing soon making his appearance and eradicating us all … we’ll see. Signs point to yes.

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