from twilight till dawn

In almost perfect timing with me getting my Twilight Vanquisher-title, I finished reading Night of the Dragon today, which I read as I fell upon a major plothole, in the shape of Lady Sinestra, also known as Sintharia, Deathwings prime consort. As I earlier have theorized about the Twilight Dragonflight, Sartharion and Deathwings connection to the Old Gods, Yogg’Saron, and the whole set of operations happening in Ulduar, I had missed the parts covered in more detail in that book. As thus, I’m going to spoil a lot of whats happening there, which are events that take place between The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King.

First of all, to recap, Deathwing is alive and well, with everyone thinking that Grim Batol is “inactive” after the death of Sintharia, Deathwing’s prime consort, and mother to Nefarian and Onyxia. He has continued the experiments as it’s obvious in the Obsidian Sanctum. Tenebron, Shadron and Vesperon, especially. While Deathwing was indeed below Grim Batol when last heard about, his current whereabouts is unknown. However, it’s fairly obvious to believe that he’s been actively out, as the operations in the Obsidian Sanctum has started. Also, the book makes no mention of his “new son” Sartharion, which could have done all the work of transportation and the like.

Some strange things added on top of that, is the fact that Korialstrasz has missed the Twilight Dragonflight moving into basement just below his feet, and – even more troublesome – hasn’t made any sound about it. Naturally, this could be due to the fact that the Nexus Wars is still ongoing, and there’s the possibility that they have actually slipped in unnoticed (by means of teleportation, perhaps). Sooner or later though, it has to be noticed, especially with the death of Sartharion and the revelation that the Twilight Dragonflight seemingly still exists. Anyone should be able to conclude that Deathwing is behind this fairly quickly. The most important question is however, as I wrote in the other post: Why are we able to venture into the Obsidian Sanctum, if it hasn’t got a larger purpose?

Now, to get back to the connection between all this and the Old Gods, our heroes does during the book come upon the skardyn race. These beings are Dark Iron dwarfs that fled into Grim Batol many years before these events. Over time, these have gotten scaly hide, gotten more grotesque and generally more reptilian in appearance. Curious coincidence that other minions of the Old Gods, the Naga and Flamewalkers specifically, share that similarity. Flamewakers already share a certain connection to the Dark Irons specifically, as it was these dwarfs that called upon and got Ragnaros, one of the Old Gods elemental lieutenants, summoned into Blackrock Mountain. Their main purpose, is serving as Sintharias worker minions. In a place such as Grim Batol being this heavily affected by the Old Gods, and Deathwing plotting for years in its depths, further connections should be fairly obvious.

…And then ofcourse there was the incident where Korialstrasz was ambushed by the Naga on his way to Grim Batol. Naga who very seemingly had attempted to halt his progress. The cryptic part arises by the words being uttered by the Naga: “The deed is done, we will be spared…”. Spared by who? In the end, I’m sure Deathwind would intend to erase all life on Azeroth, no matter if they both “serve” the Old Gods, however weakly. The fact that a pact was made however, gives a hint of non-hostile communications of sorts atleast having passed.

Now, the interesting point comes by looking back to the Skardyn. Dwarves. Now, the main experiments performed by Loken in Ulduar is the Iron Dwarfs, which we already know is an operation of the Old God Yogg’Saron. Seems like they have a fair interrest in general in the race, be it by coincidence or not. It just seem like a fairly strange coincidence they have now officially served as Old God servants twice (Ragnaros’ Dark Irons and Lokens Iron Dwarves, respectfully), and now some have surfaced that share appearance of the Old God servants Naga and Flamewakers.

To sum up, my theory is this: Yogg’Saron is at Ulduar, as it’s more or less revealed in the preview, further experimenting with the Iron Dwarves. Deathwing will make an appearance sooner or later, maybe in “person”, maybe not. I wouldn’t feel good meeting him in a raid atleast, he’s way too significant for that. My hopes are atleast that we’ll see hints of connections between the two, maybe with the backing up of the skardyn being combined into the Iron Dwarf-mix, a pure saronite armor for Deathwing, and/or something else.

The hints are there, and Azeroth better be prepared for the dawn of Deathwings world.

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