March 2009

While playing one of the daily games of Table football (or fussball, as some know it as), I came to compare the game with the lovely creep: the scorpion. At […]

Yesterday I fell over this awesome link of how to make a “Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Pizza Burger”. While it is truly a product of a sick individual, you have […]

… I wonder if the weather can make up it’s mind? Snow, once again. Confused weather is confused. Where’s the proper spring, and the real signs of the summer? Probably […]

Not exactly news, but simply information about the fact that I’m going to join the contest, and do a fan fiction piece for the Blizzard Writing Contest. Sounds pretty cool. […]

As dull as it may seem to write (or just talk, in general) about the weather, it does have its wondrous moments. Earlier today the sun was shining, as it […]

(EDIT 5/3-09: Added a rather major point I forgot at the end, concerting Twilight’s Hammer.) Not too long after I post my previous theorizing on the whole Ulduar, Old Gods […]