my inspiration

Different people have different ways of getting inspiration for going creative work.

Some people listen to music, some people take a trip to the nature, some people free-write, and some people read.

Me? I found a curious way to get my inspiration, or atleast to put my mind in the state that brings forth all the ideas and such: working. Of course, it’s not just any work, it’s my good old one at a library. It’s extremely simple, and as such allows the mind to flow on it’s own, while I do the grinding.

But, inspiration for what? That’s the interesting part, as I’m slowly building up a universe that I’m planning to write a story in. Elements are taking shape, the world is being built, and I’m looking at how the main character will be. It’s a fun process, and I constantly change my mind about lots of things, taking notes and such. But, enough of that till I’m ready to reveal some of the ideas I’m toying about with.

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