July 2008

As it’s finally starting to look like I’m going to have more spare-time in the near future (yeah, I’ll try to do more frequent updates soon – but hey, it […]

Different people have different ways of getting inspiration for going creative work. Some people listen to music, some people take a trip to the nature, some people free-write, and some […]

While I had planned to write alot when I got back home, real life struck swift and hard, and tossed me – head first – into the thing that’s called […]

Ofcourse, I’ll need to catch up with what has happened in World of Warcraft aswell, while I was away. Now, the good thing is, nothing really happened. The even better […]

… only, I forgot to mention that I was leaving, and being without internet for some 8 days, it was pretty impossible to post it. Anyway, I’ve been a week […]

Sometimes, ideas for good drinking games are just too effective for the players’ own good. The “Arnold Drinking Game” is one of them. It’s not quite as rule-“heavy” as Beer […]

Signups have started! Log in to your account-pages (EU / US), and sign-up for a chance to participate. Let’s hope luck is by my side this time. “You have successfully […]

If not, this is probably one of the biggest reasons (besides seeing the actual event), that I’d really wanted to have been to the Blizzard WorldWide Invitational. As with every […]

That previous line, in another form, should bring many memories to whoever played the original Diablo, and I found it fitting to what I’m about to write. The reasoning shouldn’t […]