It’s in periods like these, where irony shows its ugly face. The period in this matter, is exams. As usual, that takes a lot of reading, with your face deep […]

Real men don’t do backups…

If you’ve ever written or read sections of code, you’ll eventually end up seeing comments pretty much everywhere, describing what’s going on, arguing why this exact approach is the best, […]

Before starting out this subject, I had to translate the course-name that all of the following was discussed in, which lead to the sort of spam-like name “Theory of the […]

Yum, cocoa. A fine creation brought to us in many ways, in many different forms. Solid as chocolate, liquid as cocoa – great in both hot and cold forms. Over […]

Currently sitting at DIKU, working with some RSS-feeds from different blogs, for dikutal. Stupidly enough, blogspot (this here fancy works with “atoms”, which results in the drupal-system we’re using […]