I can’t get my arms down. This is simply going to be so extremely awesome! Diablo 3 confirmed. Material found at the official site. I’m off looking now atleast, that’s […]

Friday. One day remaining till the mystery is solved, but we can’t possibly be further from the truth than now. Atleast, we have the following clues now: The Valenzetti Equation […]

Whatever “it” may be. Naturally, the splash-screen has updated again today, and now a pair of eyes (or random snow flakes?), are looking at us. Some say it’s the Lich […]

In my flip of Diablo-nostalgia, I found my Diablo II CD’s earlier today, and installed the game. It’s quite fun how you can miss a game, but I managed to […]

Recently, Blizzard added a splashscreen to their frontpage, that continues to change as the days pass. At this current moment, it looks like some inscribed Ice/rock wall where some light […]