Hello World, MK. III: Magic Number 3

It is said that the number 3 is magic. At least in fairy tales, and other supernatural settings.

More to the point – a lot of stuff with 3 have been going on these latest days, which is 3 main points to be exact. Scarily enough.

1) The Virtual Meadows:
Yup, http://gnub.com it is! With it all starting to back almost 4 years ago, this is the third incarnation of my little corner of the Internet. As described various places on the site, this was mainly done because I was lucky enough to get my hands on the wonderful domain. However, it also proved to be an excellent time to lay down the blogging a bit, and focus the site more on being a portfolio and an actual website about myself, showing off past deeds and telling the world of how I will save it. OK, perhaps the latter is a slight exaggeration, but on some levels it is true. The important part to notice here that most of it happened in March, the third month.

Naturally, the portfolio thing is something I want to be quite detailed, and as thus it’s – still – very much a work in progress. I will take good care of the page(s) eventually. For now though, it’s going to be an incredibly dull list of links to stuff I’ve already written, just to get it all gathered up and be easy to find.

2) Diablo:
It really speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Diablo III is about to be released in May, which is around 3 half months away from now. People should know me well enough to figure out that I’ve been “rather excited” about this since it was revealed to the public back in the summer of 2008. After that, I delved down into the lore of Diablo around 3 times more: Right after the thought of Diablo III had taken proper hold of my brain, when I wrote for the Blizzard Writing Contest in 2010 and finally when I took a glance at prediction the game’s outcome earlier this year.

On top of that, I resigned from my position as Moderator for Wowhead, and moved my volunteer moderating time to DiabloFans instead. It’s been some great times there, but after playing World of Warcraft for around 7 years, it is beginning to loose my primary interest. The release of Diablo is really dragging me back to where I truly belong. That transition also took part in the fabled third month of this year.

3) The Grand Studies:
Yes, the studies. The third semester looms after the summer, and will include a ton of Diablo to boot, as it seem I can actually use the game as a case study for a very nice subject. Studying Games is great! However, the great part here is that I successfully changed my path of studies from the Technology-specialization to the Design one, which is were my dream had always lied. It’s not really as new as the previous two points, seeing as the change officially took place in January – 3 months ago.

Because of that… expect a ton of Diablo lore-nerd stuff from me in the coming times. I’ll be having a blast with digging out tons of random stuff, I even found a few nice things just while writing this post too. So, better wrap up one post before working on the next, right?

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