always a gnub, forever a …

Eventhough I explained the origin of the Gnub-name some time ago (which is now basically 1,5 year ago), it gets to stick, and you occasionally stumble upon versions of the word you hardly knew existed.

The occasion of these that brought me out of my cave, and made me do this post, was from everyones stable source of the savior of strange vocabularies: Urban Dictionary (cheers for the laugh, Julian), which reads:

Same as nub, but, the G letter is actualy a 1337 typo wich originaly was: fucking nub, but the spacebar was pressed a bit too early and it ended up: fuckin gnub. Since “fuckin” is a legit 1337 way to spell fucking many people mistake gnub for a totaly new word.
So in short – gnub = fucking nub

And yes, I’m stronly considering getting the T-shirt. It’s simply too awesome, and a great case of self-irony, that already should be showing from the domain name.

Besides that, I went and looked up “Nub” on Wikipedia (something I havn’t done yet, strangely enough), and found more funky meanings of the word:

Nub or NUB may refer to:

  1. A variation of newbie, noob and nubby.
  2. King Nub, character from the Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine video game.
  3. ISO 639-2 code for the Nobiin language of Nubia.
  4. Northern University, Bangladesh.
  5. Nub, third track off of Goat (album) by Jesus Lizard.
  6. Nub City, nickname given to Vernon, Florida by film director Errol Morris.

#1 is obvious, as it was meant as the origin, so that one didn’t catch me by surprise.
#2 “Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!
#3 While the ISO 639-2 code is always useful, I found it more noticeable that there’s a whole language in “my” name, and seemingly a region of Egypt too. Pure awesome.
#4 Well, it was bound to happen. Some cleverness still lies behind the Nub.
#5 While it’s a piece of music, it’s a fact that a goat resembles a gnu somewhat. Slightly smaller, but never the less similar.
#6 Somewhat in the same category as #3, but still quite nice.

All in all, I’ll still wear my name as my badge, and code of honor.

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