…lizard, spock!

Time flies, but perhaps it’s more correct to express it as: “it goes faster than I expected” (or “another speed than expected” – case in point: the copenhagen minute). Both good and bad sides to that, but that’s sidetracking the main subject. The thing is, I just realized that I havn’t written anything for the past month – the horror! Thus, it’s time for a totally random thought of the time that is called now.

TV series is one of those things I look forward too every week, with The Big Bang Theory being one of my “newly” found favorites. It can’t really be compared to the all-out awesome Scrubs, but it’s still all-out awesome in its own (slightly geeky) way.

The Big Bang Theory introduced a very nifty version of the classic “Rock, Paper, Scissors” (Season 2, episode 8), which is a game where most should be familiar with the rules. If not, here’s a short recap of the simple rules, which follows three easy-to-remember “c”-rules:

rock > scissors: crush!
scissors > paper: cut!
paper > rock: cover!

Instead of the 3 classic combatants, they introduce 2 new to the battle field: the lizard, and Spock, thus changing the rules to the following (keep in mind, this can’t be kept into neat “c”-rules):

rock > scissors: crush!
rock > lizard: crush!
paper > rock: cover!
paper > Spock: disprove!
scissors > paper: cut!
scissors > lizard: decapitate!
lizard > paper: eat!
lizard > Spock: poison!
Spock > rock: vaporize!
Spock > scissors: smash!

It might sound tricky at first, but it’s actually a really good expansion to a game which has – according to Sheldon – too big a chance to result in a draw. See for yourself (yes, it’s an old episode, I know – but it’s still awesome).


  1. That's just… horrible.

    I hereby challenge you to do a presentation like Sheldon did in the clip. Bonus if you do it (correctly) at the first attempt. :P

    … then again, just remembering all the rules will be impressive enough!


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