i’m at cop15, you idiot!

With the latest Arnold Drinking session 10 days ago, I promised to get the latest rule-set up and running. So, without further notice, here it is:

Drink whenever:

  • Arnold is first seen, at the start of the movie (that means: not chronologically).
  • The title of the movie is seen or said. In honor of “End of Days
  • Arnold says “HU-ARRRHHEEH”, or variations thereof.
  • Arnold has violent (the definition of “violent” is up for discussion) PHYSICAL pain.
  • Someone humanoid is killed. Large amounts is drunk continuously. In honor of “Total Recall.
  • Arnold makes breakfast (double, if it’s in a blender).
  • There is a reference (has to be accepted amongst the crowd) to another movie (double, if it’s with Arnold). In honor of “Last Action Hero.
  • Arnold meets/sees/whatever himself in any possible way. In honor of “6th Day.
  • Someone (double, if it’s Arnold) says/yells “get down!” or a variation thereof.
  • There’s an explosion (minimum-size is up for discussion).
  • There’s a car chase.
  • Arnold changes weapon (unarmed included). Weapons only counts if used, thus it doesn’t count as “unarmed” if it’s from one weapon to another.
  • Arnold changes vehicle (same properties as the rule above).
  • A fence or a variation thereof is mentioned/used/plowed down, in any way possible.
  • A party is mentioned (double, if it has any connection to Richter).
  • You call out a rule, and the crowd disagrees (You lack discipline! You can already drink when you want – don’t make people drink under false premises without getting away with it).

Empty the bottle/glass whenever:

  • Arnold yells “GET TO DA CHOPPA!”
  • The bad guy dies. Again, in honor of “6th Day.
  • Arnold dies, shuts or melts down, or anything else that renders him “un-functional”, for the rest of the movie.

As a special something, I had prepared a minor warm-up (with rules), since Arnold had been present at the Climate COP15 Meeting in Copenhagen (where I, as you might know, live). Naturally, it was originally in danish, but I took the effort and made a translation. Don’t worry, the links to the videos are fine, nothing is in Danish (however, if you want, you can see the original page in Danish here), so everything should be good.


In the following video-clip below, use these rules, and refer to the original rules for reference.


  • The word “climate” is heard.
  • The word “Copenhagen” is heard.
  • An applause is heard.
  • 2 words, decided by the people, is heard. (I think these ended up being “global” and “green”)


  • One of the normale rules would have effect (let’s not get into the latter ones…).


Enjoy – and cheers!


  1. Added the “YOU LACK DISCIPLINE!”-rule, which I originally totally forgot.


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