magmaw: armageddon

As my World of Warcraft guild just recently killed the heroic raid-boss Magmaw (which is basically just a giant worm made out of fire and magma), I decided to do a news-post on the guild-page that gave reference to the awesome Worms. Easy connection to make, for two primary reasons: He’s a giant worm, and an important part is a spell called Armageddon. So, heavily inspired by lyrics of the Worms: Armageddon theme song, I made the following.

Many moons have passed since the raiders went to war.
Onwards and upwards, bigger weapons than before.
Magmaw took cover, he shivered on patrol.
The arms race crazy, simply way out of control.

Then Nefarian threw them, his latest devices.
Twofoot went and got them, following the advice
‘What the…?’
Their tails were split, and their energy lost.
How many more will this dreaded war cost?

Then came the enrage, and constructs tumbling down.
If the fire got to someone, you’d probably frown.
But the raiders battled on, through hunger and pain.
Living to fight, just to victor again.

And now it’s the curtain call, the final onslaught,
no better epic could you possibly have bought.
But spare a thought for Magmaw and with it his friends.
So fight with their honour, and fight until the end.

Granted, it’s probably a lot more fun if you have actually tried the encounter. It might also help to add that “Twofoot” was the primary person dealing with the parasites.

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