it’s turbo time!

I figured it was finally time to post the newest revision of the Arnold drinking rules, as throughout tested not too long ago. The last – official – version can be found here, if you want to see what has changed since then. Should be quite a bit.

Be sure to check the bonus video-clip at the end of the post! I guarantee it’s worth it!

Drink whenever:

  • Arnold is first seen, at the start of the movie (that means: not chronologically). Everyone cheers!
  • The title of the movie is seen or heard. In honor of “End of Days
  • Arnold says “HU-ARRRHHEEH”, or a variation thereof.
  • Arnold drinks alcohol (we have to support him).
  • Arnold has violent (the definition of “violent” is up for discussion among the participants) PHYSICAL pain.
  • Someone humanoid is killed. Large amounts of deaths is drunk continuously. In honor of “Total Recall.
  • Arnold makes breakfast (double, if it’s in a blender).
  • There is a reference (has to be accepted amongst the crowd) to another movie (double, if it’s with Arnold). In honor of “Last Action Hero.
  • Arnold meets or sees himself in any possible way. In honor of “6th Day.
  • Someone (double, if it’s Arnold) says/yells “get down!” or a variation thereof.
  • There’s an explosion (minimum-size has to be agreed upon in the crowd).
  • A car chase starts (other gasoline-driven vehicles also counts).
  • Arnold changes weapon (unarmed included). Weapons only counts if used, thus it doesn’t count as “unarmed” if it’s from one weapon to another.
  • Arnold changes vehicle (same properties as the rule above).
  • A fence or a variation thereof is mentioned/used/plowed down, in any way possible.
  • A party is mentioned (double, if it has any connection to Richter).
  • A national monument of the United States is seen on screen.
  • You call out a rule, and the crowd disagrees (You lack discipline! You can already drink when you want – don’t make people drink under false premises without getting away with it).

Empty the bottle/glass whenever:

  • Arnold yells “GET TO DA CHOPPA!”
  • The bad guy(s) dies. Again, in honor of “6th Day.
  • Arnold dies, shuts or melts down, or anything else that renders him “un-functional”, for the rest of the movie.

Also, as a funny coincidence, this was posted a few days ago…

Too bad the date was the 1st of April. The countless references could’ve been toned down a bit, but otherwise … I did want to believe. If anything, the clip should make for a nice warm-up.

How many times would you drink during it?

EDIT: Had to swap out the YouTube-link, as the older video had for some reason gotten private. Good thing it wasn’t lost!


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