… was just like any other tweet – I guess – but the difference is, that it made me realize that it has been ages and ages since I’ve actually […]

As some people might have spotted from my various recent social media updates, I’ve gotten to start the new legendary quest for [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest]. So far, I’ve obtained the […]

As my World of Warcraft guild just recently killed the heroic raid-boss Magmaw (which is basically just a giant worm made out of fire and magma), I decided to do […]

I figured it was finally time to post the newest revision of the Arnold drinking rules, as throughout tested not too long ago. The last – official – version can […]

Recently, I have (once again) taken a great liking in fiddling about in old DOS games. Why? Short version: because they’re awesome. Long version: because they’re very awesome. No, honestly, […]

Some 90 days ago, I posted my previous post here. Some 90 days ago, I also started working seriously on my Bachelor’s project in Computer Science – which seemed to […]