Some 90 days ago, I posted my previous post here. Some 90 days ago, I also started working seriously on my Bachelor’s project in Computer Science – which seemed to drain whatever leftover creativity and willingness to write anything in the creative end of the line.

Now, however, the project has been handed in, and I have exam next Tuesday, which will – no doubt – be rather exciting. The project itself is about game balance in board-games, which included me and my “partner in crime” made our own game from scratch, and making A.I.’s that could challenge each other in it, in order to prove said balance – a thing I really enjoyed.

Looking back, that would mean that I’ve actively taken part in two games (the other being Gwardar in the summer – which I still plan to eventually make into a version that doesn’t require a terminal-window and a ZiLOG-board) over the past half year – and enjoyed every second of the brain-storming and development.

As a result, I underlined one of the big questions in life: “Where am I going?”, which I had known the answer for quite a while. It’s where my education is leading me, at the least. Perhaps that’s also what my creativity has been spend on since then, and to build a bit on that, I decided it was a good idea to write a 6-parter blog on how I find the process of creating a game. Yes, it’ll be very basic – and only cover small ideas like these. But with all things, we always start with the small things.

So with that, I hope I’ll be able to scrap off some creativity from somewhere, and get this 6-parter going – and leave you with what I plan on covering in the different chapters

  1. Getting the idea and developing the backbone
  2. Visual results and basic testing
  3. First signs of a game, modifying the base idea
  4. First rounds of balancing issues and bugfixes
  5. Battling an AI and customization – …and killing more darlings
  6. Final touches and looking back

Till next time – which is hopefully a period sharply lesser than another 90 days.

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  1. I plan on doing this blog-series at some point, but I will probably combine it with the (re-)production of Gwardar, or another game-project. The reason is, that it’s simply easier to describe, when you have an actual project between your hands.


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