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… which obviously isn’t true.

Truth is, as I might’ve mentioned in previous posts, that I simply work too much these days to have anything constructive to write about. Or, to be more exact, I havn’t got the energy and/or inspiration to output anything that would be worthwhile reading. Ofcourse, I have got energy to write and make up stuff, but, as mentioned earlier too, that’s being spend on my writing project, which has slowed down as well.

Now, these next 3 days I’ll be going to visit my parents at a summerhouse with no internet, but that has some good sides to oppose the shock, horror and mental unrest – that I can read my books in peace, and write alot of strange stuff. And, most importantly of all, there’s no work to be done – hooray. Also, from the next week on, the amount of work will slow down, which is great, and much needed.

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